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Welcome to your LTI

Our long-term incentive is designed to reflect our ambitious performance goals and to reward you – as one of our top managers – for your contribution to reaching these goals. In September 2018, Fresenius has launched the new LTI plan design, introducing new features to your top management compensation element.

Our ambitious targets

Grant 2021





until vesting

To ensure that our long-term incentive supports our sustainable growth, the performance measurement stretches over four years. Two targets – net income growth and relative total shareholder return – will determine how many of your performance shares will vest. Your payout is defined by multiplying the number of your vested performance shares with the actual Fresenius share price.

What`s in it for you?

Check out our online calculator and find out what might be in it for you. Take a look at how Fresenius` performance and share price movements influence the outcome.

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What’s new since 2018?

The new long-term incentive 2018 introduced some new features – offering you a simple and attractive compensation element.


Previously, you received a grant in stock options and phantom stocks. With the new LTI, your grant will be monetary.

The monetary value will be converted into performance shares. This approach is intended to give you a clearer understanding of the underlying value of this compensation element.


Performance shares

In the past, you received a mix of two share equivalents: stock options and phantom stocks. You had to choose the right mix. Now, we have made it simpler – your grant will automatically be converted into performance shares. Performance shares, like phantom stocks, are virtual shares that mirror the Fresenius share price

These will also vest automatically after four years – so there is no vesting decision for you to make. Performance shares, like phantom stocks, are virtual shares that mirror the Fresenius share price.


A new performance objective

You already know one of our performance targets, the net income growth. We have now added another one - the relative total shareholder return - and changed the measurement method. Both targets are weighted equally

The new target reflects our performance in relation with the Health Care companies within the stock index STOXX Europe 600.

Our target measurement will be at an average over the whole measurement period of four years. Therefore partial target achievement is also possible and a less favorable year can be balanced by another superior year.


The previous LTI

You can still find all information about the previous LTI on our website and in EquatePlus.